Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) is a hands-on neuromuscular treatment for muscular spasm and tightness. Have you ever felt tightness in muscles in your neck, back or other muscles? It may feel good to get a massage but that pain and tightness remains or returns. A lot of times these are trigger points that are deep in the muscle that cannot be released with massage or other manual techniques. These trigger points can result from poor posture, weakened muscles, or as a result of other diagnosis such as arthritis, herniated disc, tendonitis, muscle strains, sciatica and other nerve pain. When an injury causes an inflammatory response or there is an irritated nerve your muscles can go into a protective spasm contributing to or causing more pain. Small, thin needles are inserted in the muscle at the trigger point causing your pain. The muscle will then contract and release which results in improved mobility and a decrease in symptoms.

Is TDN Acupuncture?

No it is not. Acupuncture and TDN both utilize very small and thin needles that are not usually felt when entering the skin but acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine and by some considered "alternative medicine" to restore balance in the body by targeting specific acupuncture points. In regards to TDN, many studies published have shown a significant role of trigger points with pain associated with tension and migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain post mastectomy surgery, carpal tunnel symptoms, low back pain, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, and knee arthritis. TDN is a tool that can be effectively used to improve these trigger points. Several randomized controlled studies have shown TDN to be an effective treatment and speed recovery for certain conditions.

Can Any Therapist Perform TDN?

No, TDN requires additional post professional training and experience. Every state has different laws and regulation for its use. In the state of Virginia there are specific guidelines for which a physical therapist can utilize TDN including specialized training, number of hours of performance, passing advanced testing, and displaying expert proficiency through their continuing education. At PT of Central VA our TDN therapist has trained and has experience well beyond the states guidelines and utilizes an evidence based approach with TDN. If you receive TDN at another facility it is important to ask if the therapist has had training within the practice guidelines within the state of Virginia to ensure safety and effectiveness of your treatment.

Sports Rehabilitation

There is a difference in rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation. Doing your rehabilitation at a facility that has a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, like at PT of Central VA can improve an athlete's success with recovery and improve sports performance. At PT of Central VA we have a specialized program for athletes who suffer injury and post-surgical intervention. This can include professional, college, and high school athletes, adult runners, weekend warriors and recreation league athletes. These injuries require a specialized approach to help you return to your prior level of function and perform at a level beyond normal day to day activities. Our therapists have specialized training and experience in treating pediatric athletic injuries, running injuries and sports performance strength and conditioning. We will complete a full gait/running analysis, evaluation of throwing mechanics, biomechanical analysis on the athlete's trunk and lower extremity for their specific sports activities. Improvement in the athlete's biomechanics with specific activities and correction of training errors in their sport is an essential part of their rehabilitation and to prevent further injury

Chronic Pain Program

We are one of the few facilities in the Fredericksburg region that has a specialized chronic pain program. This program was started by Dr. Walter J. Personius, PT, PhD, who has over 40 years of physical therapy experience evaluating and treating patients with chronic pain disorders along with educating physicians and physical therapist. This program addresses patients with conditions such as chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndromes (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), arthritis, myofascial pain disorders, and people who suffer from conditions that have persisted for months or years. Many times people with chronic pain have tried different interventions including standard physical therapy without success. This specialized program is unique including a comprehensive evaluation by more than one clinician utilizing evidenced based evaluation methods and the Symptom Reproduction Method specialized for chronic pain patients in order to have a complete approach to your recovering. It is then followed by one on one specialized care with one of our therapist developing a complete personalized approach to help you to function and manage your symptoms. This program considers the emotional demand of living with chronic pain while addressing the musculoskeletal system, neurovascular system, postural control, motor control, local and referred pain, and focuses on the involvement of other body systems that may impact your condition.