"The fact that the Dr. had time to talk and treat me at the same time. It didn't seem as though he was too booked." AR

"Loved Aaron! Thanks for getting me back Running!" RC

"His kind nature was amazing and he took his time to listen to my concerns" SD

"I liked all aspects, but I especially appreciated Aaron showing me the diagram of the shoulder and explaining how everything worked and what my problem was." MS

"The physical therapist who worked with me took their time to explain to me my recovery" ML

Vision Statement

To serve individuals with musculoskeletal, developmental, and vestibular disorders as well as impairments related to the aging process to assist them in obtaining their maximum level of ability in their daily activities, work, and sports performance utilizing evidence based practice. By providing high quality care with exceptional customer service, Physical Therapy of Central Virginia will become the family physical therapy provider for patients/clients who enter our doors.

Values Statement (TRAINS)

  • Trust: Through a commitment to integrity, we are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the trust of the individuals we serve as well as our colleagues. We will uphold each individual's rights, integrity, privacy and safety.
  • Respect: In the process of providing the finest health care we will demonstrate and exemplify respect for the values, culture, beliefs, privacy and medical decisions of each individual.
  • Attitude: While striving for excellence, our employees will exhibit a positive, enthusiastic and caring attitude to all whom we serve.
  • Integrity: Providing patient care while adhering to high ethical and legal standards in order to address the needs of our patients and clients.
  • Nurturing: While serving each individual the patient's needs will come first in a compassionate and nurturing environment in order to promote the rehabilitation process in the most comfortable atmosphere.
  • Stewardship: With an altruistic approach, we will advocate for our patients and fellow health professionals, while maintaining an active role in our community through charitable events and endeavors.